Commercial Alley | Portsmouth, NH

Commercial Alley in Portsmouth, NH rests between Market Street and Penhallow Street.  The little nook is drenched with warm light during night and has become the new home to Cava, a delicious tapas restaurant with a very cool patio.  A portion of the building Cava is inside was recently rebuilt, and used to house some different cafes in its past.  They’ve done a nice job with the property, and there are bricks everywhere you look.

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  • […] Commercial Alley splits Penhallow St. and Market Street in downtown Portsmouth, NH.  This shot taking early in the evening has three of Portsmouth’s hanging signs.  For a night shot of the scene, visit HERE. […]

  • Tony Fallon March 27, 2010

    Part of the Cava Restaurant is actually not rebuilt but in a new addition to the existing building. One enters into the original building which mostly houses the open kitchen. The bar and seating to the left, along with the adjacent fudge shop, are all in an addition made to look like it’s been there for a while. I’m Tony Fallon of Tony Fallon Architecture and I enjoyed working with the owner/developer, Perry Silverstein. Perry has one more office to rent out on the Second Floor and can be reached at 603 767 1210 if interested. Perry just shared with me the print of this from the February Spotlight. Great Photograph and it looked terrific on the cover!

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