A Ceres Street Update

Despite being closed for the season, the Decks along the waterfront are still seeing plenty of activity. The first shot hints at the new drainage and stonework below – as seen in the 2nd shot. The River House’s deck (seen on the left) is now met by stonework with proper drainage instead of the old nasty (and usually wet) gravel. In the third shot you can see the new brick sidewalks and granite curbing in place along the backside of the Market Street rowhouses.

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  • Erica December 15, 2009

    What a great transformation.

  • Jaybchilds December 17, 2009

    Wow, in that first photograph, the window on the left is my office. Gorgeous photographs, and reminds me to take more opportunities during the day to simply look out and admire all there is to see.
    The improvements look promising, as these decks had become in my view an under-appreciated asset really nasty walkways to reach them. Look forward to spring and the return of the deck patrons.

  • philipcase December 17, 2009

    Jay! Thanks so much for checking out the site and sharing your great feedback! I thought I recognized you last night, sorry I didn’t come say hello…I’m very envious of your view! I’d do some sweet timelapses out there. I think the improvements are pretty exciting, and will class the area up a bit…and make a wonderful spot a bit cleaner at the very least. Also, kudos on the Communities & Consequences film – loved it.

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