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More shots from the vista of the 100 Club balcony…enjoy!

Also check out a recent post from one of the photographers I most admire in the business today, Vincent Laforet, formerly of the New York Times, and now recognized for his expertise in the HD DSLR video world: VINCENT | LAFORET.

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  • […] With all of the construction that’s been making its rounds throughout the city this summer, you may have missed a few of the changes.  Here’s a shot of the intersection of Market Street & Bow Street after the Market St. section has been repaved & re-striped.  You might’ve noticed something a bit funny about it as you’re driving home or waiting for pedestrians – that’s because the city moved the crosswalk to a slightly less treacherous location – which you can see next to the jagged yield line.  (It is also the street-level shot of the same area that was featured from above on July 11th.) […]

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