Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Prison

I thought it might be time to revisit the old and decrepit, yet still frightening, Naval Shipyard Prison.  The sky was about as crystal clear as you could ask for – which isn’t a good thing for my intentions here…but it highlighted the contrast of the structure against the moving Piscataqua River and the sky above.  I imagine this was a pretty horrific place to be holed up as either a guard or a prisoner, and as I learn each time I take a harbor cruise – there were reportedly commands to shoot any escapees on sight as they fled the prison.  (Sounds like a pretty rugged place to me).

I love the textures and the atmosphere that this lens is giving to each shot….it’s been a challenge and a pleasure to try and find appropriate subjects to shoot with it, and good conditions that either make for good drama or just something to make your eyes happy.  I’m sad to see the days shortening – but it should make for some good night photography as I’m forced once again out of my comfort zone while out shooting.

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  • Hello,

    I am the Lead Investigator for Souhegan Paranormal Investigators/SPI and I am searching for the name(s) of a person(s) that I can get in touch with to speak to them about conducting a paranormal investigation at the Portsmouth Naval Ship Yard Prison. I am in hopes that you might be able to give me the name(s) of a contact person(s). It would be greatly appreicated. Thank you…

    Susan Allen
    Souhegan Paranormal Investigators

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