Great Island Common & The Memorial Bridge

The departure of the Memorial Bridge was fun to watch, and certainly a once in a lifetime endeavor.  I still can’t get over how funny it seemed to watch a 2 million pound lift span floating out towards the ocean, past Whaleback Lighthouse and the other Seacoast landmarks along the way.  I wanted to also…

Sunset from Great Island Common

The New Hampshire Coastline enjoys a winter sunset and Great Island Common has a front row seat to the end of the day.  The pastel sky and the contrasty silhouetted rocks in the foreground are reason enough to get me back out for more sunsets and attempts to capture some natural beauty.

Great Island Common and The Sea

Great Island Common is one of New Castle’s gems.  It provides opportunities for everyone to enjoy a slice of the oceanfront – and on this particular afternoon, the moody sky and stormy sea was a nice offset to the natural colors of the massive rock formations on the coastline.

Trees at Great Island Common

Early in the spring, the trees began to regain their color and personality that they lost in the fall.  Buds began appearing – and the trees here along the coast in New Castle at Great Island Common enjoy their waterfront view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Sunset at Whaleback Lighthouse

As sunsets earlier and earlier each day, it becomes more important to strategize when heading out for a shoot.  I was running out of time way too quickly after going out for a run with the Mrs., but still couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get some of the incredible late day light.  My first…

Waves at Great Island Common

Great Island Common is one of my favorite coastal destinations.  I went out one misty and stormy afternoon to find some waves in Rye, and after getting a few shots I was pleased with, I decided to pack it up and head home.  On my way, Great Island Common was calling out to me, so I…

Great Island Common Sunset

Sometimes you can appreciate fresh air more than others.  Tonight was one of those nights where I was happy to be outside…and even more delighted when I realized that there was a pretty good chance at an interesting sunset.  The sky and the weather reports had threatened rain all day – but by the time…