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Coastline at Great Island Common

On a recent drive around the coast just before sunset, I decided to stop at Great Island Common to see how the day’s light looked out over the ocean.  The tide allowed for some quick exploration along the rocks – enjoying the view of Whaleback Lighthouse in the distance.  On an incredibly windy afternoon, the […]

Whaleback Lighthouse at Dusk

Whaleback Lighthouse is one of the seacoast’s icons, standing guard at the mouth of the Piscataqua River in the Atlantic Ocean.  Its stone construction is beautiful and unique – built to withstand the rugged storms that can hit the atlantic.  This cold evening was a bit boring, but with a long exposure the color of […]

New Castle Storm

New Castle Storm, originally uploaded by Philip Case Cohen. After Hurricane Sandy left town the rain an grey skies continued. As seen from Great Island Common.

Dusk at Great Island Common

It’s truly amazing how much access that we have to the waterfront here on New Hampshire’s seacoast.  There are many coastlines around the country that are filled to the max with beautiful homes, restricting the general public from enjoying the ocean’s natural beauty.  Among our great parks and waterfront vistas, New Castle’s Great Island Common […]

Great Island Common & The Memorial Bridge

The departure of the Memorial Bridge was fun to watch, and certainly a once in a lifetime endeavor.  I still can’t get over how funny it seemed to watch a 2 million pound lift span floating out towards the ocean, past Whaleback Lighthouse and the other Seacoast landmarks along the way.  I wanted to also […]

Sunset from Great Island Common

The New Hampshire Coastline enjoys a winter sunset and Great Island Common has a front row seat to the end of the day.  The pastel sky and the contrasty silhouetted rocks in the foreground are reason enough to get me back out for more sunsets and attempts to capture some natural beauty.

Great Island Common and The Sea

Great Island Common is one of New Castle’s gems.  It provides opportunities for everyone to enjoy a slice of the oceanfront – and on this particular afternoon, the moody sky and stormy sea was a nice offset to the natural colors of the massive rock formations on the coastline.