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A Cold Day Upriver

It looked like a very cold day to be out on the water of the Piscataqua River.  It was frigid enough on the shore where this shot was taken…on the deck of The River House.  The Moran Towing tugs brave the winter storm while The Old Ferry Landing deck is perched precariously over the river. […]

Portsmouth’s Working Waterfront (At Night)

It’s easy to miss, but the steady stream of smoke from one of the gypsum plants (drywall) along the river always makes for an interesting shot.  It’s just another element of Portsmouth’s dynamic waterfront, adjoined by the Moran Towing tugboats and the Granite State Minerals terminal and the State Pier.  This night scene was captured […]

The Working Waterfront

It’s no secret that I think much of Portsmouth’s charm comes from its working waterfront and active port.  Here, you can see the sand/salt piles of the Granite State Minerals terminal on the waterfront and the reflections of its cranes and the Middle and Piscataqua River Bridges.  This was one of the first set of […]

Piscataqua River Fog

A light misty fog hangs over the Piscataqua River on a late summer afternoon.  I loved the orange glow over the scene that the setting sun cast….viewed from a penthouse unit in the Ale House Inn building.

Bridges | New York City & Portsmouth

Today I wanted to feature a few of my favorite bridges on this planet we share.  Above, is one of my shots of the Brooklyn Bridge from a recent trip into the city.  I wanted to get a somewhat fresh take on the bridge that thousands of people have photographed thousands of times..it’s definitely one […]

Martingale Wharf Under Construction

The Martingale Wharf building continues its growth out of the ground this week.  The steel is being erected in the place of the former building that had to be torn down due to safety concerns.  In the top shot of the two below, you can see the Middle Bridge and the Piscataqua River Bridge in […]

Freighter in Port | Tasman Sea

As I drive up Market Street towards work everyday, I wonder what I’ll see in the river (if anything).   Friday turned out to be one of those lucky days when I saw the Memorial Bridge fully lifted…which usually means 2 things: 1) traffic; and 2) boats!  I thought I could see what appeared to […]