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San Francisco Fog / Portsmouth Harbor

Today’s post is a double feature.  The first image is a treat from home base for the next few days….the view of San Francisco Bay.  This is the fog that San Francisco is so renowned for….once it blew over, you could see Alcatraz just about dead center in the frame.  I’ll try to snap a […]

A Piscataqua River Sunset | East Coast & West Coast

It’s no secret that I’m drawn to the waterfront, wherever I am.  Today’s post features a beautiful and intense sunset over the Piscataqua River from last fall here in Portsmouth on the east coast – and below, from the west coast, it features the Pacific Ocean as seen from the Muir Beach Overlook (a national […]

Sunset in Portsmouth & San Francisco

Two of my favorite places on this planet are Portsmouth, NH (which I think you all know), and San Francisco, CA.  Both wonderful places to be for any reason – both of which share the ability to host beautiful sunsets.  I was lucky to snap both shots featured in today’s post, and as I was […]

Sunset at the Golden Gate Bridge | San Francisco

A post last week featured some shots taken from the Marin Headlands during a lovely sunset in San Francisco. Today I thought I’d share more shots from that evening, not so tightly cropped on the bridge and the moon.  The sun creeping around the corner of the headlands was great to slowly watch disappear, and […]

The Fairmont Hotel | San Francisco

The Fairmont Hotel sits atop Nob Hill in San Francisco near the Financial District and Union Square.  The building occupies an entire city block and was nearly completed before the historic earthquake hit the city in 1906 – prompting an overhaul to its interior before it ever opened.  The very stately building (and original hotel […]

Golden Gate Bridge | San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most iconic creations that resides in San Francisco.  Words and photos do it no justice – if you ever have the chance, make the trek to the Marin Headlands and look back over the bridge and the city looming in the background.  After spending about an hour […]

Transamerica Pyramid | The Daily San Francisco Part II

The iconic Transamerica Pyramid is visible from many parts of the city.  The building, which was finished in 1972, faced much opposition throughout its planning stages – probably due to the structure’s stark contrast against the traditional architecture of San Francisco.  I think it looks especially cool with the retreating sun on its peak.