Arrival of Spring (and new steps)


Spring has certainly (finally) arrived with this week’s rains and all of the leaves popping.  Freshly cut grass doesn’t hurt the spring vibe either.  Here’s a little flavor of Atlantic Heights from Crescent Way in Big Rock Park.  The pile of cement and the blue tarp will soon become my new stoop (pictures to follow when it’s finished).  Today’s Daily Portsmouth features a double post, so come visit again tomorrow afternoon.

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Sunset from the Second Floor


Great Light from the 2nd floor at Ocean Bank before hitting the road for the day. This parking lot becomes ridiculous during the spring and summer evenings as Portsmouth’s population more than doubles. I’ll try to get a nice shot of the lot when it’s “under attack”, and the drive-through is double and triple parked in. In the meantime, thank goodness it’s Spring.

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