Naval Shipyard Prison

There has been an effort put forth within the last 18 months to find a willing party to restore this old decrepit prison located at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (in Kittery, ME).  The building was sort of the “Alcatraz of the East”, and I’ve heard it had a reputation of being pretty rugged.  A movie was filmed here as well with someone famous in it, whose name I can’t recall.  Another famous guy who served in the Navy was also a guard here.  I’ll try to update once I can find their names.  In the meantime, this would be a great redevelopment project if the numbers made sense and if the right businesses and/or residents come together in a way that’s in line with the property’s restrictions.  The state of disrepair is quite fascinating, go take a look when you have a chance.

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7 thoughts on “Naval Shipyard Prison

  1. The myth is that Humphrey Bogart got his scar while in the Navy and transporting a prisoner here. Wikipedia says it’s true, but…

    Today’s news: The Navy rejected all proposals for redevelopment.

    1. Thanks for the info on the actor, I couldn’t think of his name for the life of me! Too bad about the proposals….it is going to take someone with very deep pockets and a wish to see the property utilized (and less worried about a return on investment).

      1. The Bogart thing is true. I think his earliest movies don’t have the scar, and then you see it later. The movie that was filmed here was “Last Detail” with Jack Nicholson.
        Also, Walt Disney visited here and was inspired by the turrets, which are quite similar to the WD castle that he then went home and designed.

        See, living across the river from the old prison for five years actually paid off for me in the end.
        Amy (Sutton)

      2. Amy – thanks for the note, and the details! Very cool, had never heard that about Walt Disney and Disney World….I never knew you lived right there, what a spot! Hope all is well and to catch up soon

  2. My Dad was in the Marines in the early 70’s and helped run the prison. They used to give tours to family members and it was pretty forboding then but from a family perspective it was a source of pride. I remember that the building was white and clean and the grounds were a beautiful green and well manicured. It’s still beautiful…I hope that someone takes notice and restores it to its former glory.

  3. In 1979/80, while our ship was in drydock at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard I slept less that 100 feet from this . Our barracks was right next to it and I parked my car up against it. There was a sign mentioning the Walt Disney tale.

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