The (former) Children’s Museum of Portsmouth

Yet another of Portsmouth’s gorgeous spires/clocktowers, this one located atop the former location of the Children’s Museum, which has since relocated to Dover, NH.  This old building is located along Marcy Street in Portsmouth’s historic South End, just beyond Prescott Park as you head towards New Castle.  This spire hasn’t been as fortunate as the North Church, which saw a full restoration in recent years.

Full size here:  FLICKR

2 thoughts on “The (former) Children’s Museum of Portsmouth

  1. thank you so much for the picture.Now be sure to get a new one since i rebuilt the bell tower and it has a new paint job.A before and after photo would be awesome!

    1. RIck – you got it! I actually stopped by this morning to snap a shot after sunrise…the clock wasn’t fully put back together yet so I’ll have to get back again once it is. I’ll shoot you an email once the new shot is up. Nice work on the restoration!

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