The Rockingham | State Street

This beautiful and storied brick mansion on State Street in Portsmouth, NH currently houses residential condos and the tasty and unique Library Restaurant.  You can read more about its history at the restaurant’s website here.  I won’t try to rehash all of it, but I always enjoy re-reading the story.  I will come back another time during sunset when the light isn’t so harsh, but in the meantime, I was feeling that the building should get some recognition here on the site.

Full size here: FLICKR

3 thoughts on “The Rockingham | State Street

  1. Back during the Campaign of JF Kennedy in 59/60’s my father Joseph Churchwell was the maintenance man at the Rockingham where JFK stayed and after a press interview John F. Kennedy signed his name in black pen across the table. The manager of the Rockingham at the time, not a Kennedy fan, asked my father to “clean that off”

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