Atlantic Heights | S.W.A.T.

Since my house only looks like this once a year with all the plants in bloom, thought I’d capture it to remember during the colder winter months.  On top of being a beautiful day in Portsmouth, today was also National Night Out – a night aimed at crime and drug prevention.  Sixteen local neighborhood associations hosted events in a coordinated night out across the country – Atlantic Heights hosted a pot luck in Big Rock Park, which was well attended by residents and city officials, including the intense Seacoast Emergency Response Team (Portsmouth’s SWAT team) armored vehicle shown below.

One thought on “Atlantic Heights | S.W.A.T.

  1. I do the same thing around my house, too – take pics of things in bloom and all nice and green. And then I pull them up during the winter and plot and plan what I’m going to plant in the spring.

    I had seen that vehicle twice around the area, but couldn’t imagine what it was for – it’s almost kind of scary looking in person, mean-looking.

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