USCGC Eagle | Portsmouth Tall Ships 2009

The Coast Guard’s 300′ cutter, The Eagle, was docked at Portsmouth’s State Pier for the weekend’s Tall Ship Festival.  The massive ship serves as the training grounds for all students of the Coast Guard Academy.  The fascinating part about this boat is that it was taken as a war prize from Germany after World War II, where it was originally constructed in 1936.  The ship still bears a nazi plate in the Captain’s quarters as a reminder of its heritage.  More info on the Eagle here:  USCGC EAGLE.

The photos above feature the ship’s helm station, the Eagle figurehead and the massive mast of the ship.

The boat barely made it under the lift span of the Memorial Bridge as seen in yesterday’s post.  The 70+ year old ship was still in remarkable condition, and even during the tour – those responsible for its maintenance continued to keep the decks clear and provided a wealth of information to all of us tourists.  Many thanks to the Coast Guard.

Visit the updated gallery here:  PORTSMOUTH TALL SHIPS 2009

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