Rust & Salt Piles | Portsmouth, NH

On the industrial portion of Portsmouth’s waterfront at the NH State Pier sit piles of materials, including the giant heap of twisted (and rusted) metal displayed in the photo.  Grimmel Industries currently leases the pier and recycles the materials, and is in negotiations to extend the lease for another 5-year period.  Along with the salt piles shown in previous posts HERE and HERE, the twisted metal is accompanied by another junkpile of larger metal items. (Check out samples on my FLICKR.) Another interesting and entrepreneurial use of Portsmouth’s working harbor.

One thought on “Rust & Salt Piles | Portsmouth, NH

  1. Every time I go see the Tall Ships I feel a need to take pictures of the piles of rubbish too. I find material “to be recycled” to be fascinating, all the little details.

    Thanks for sharing!

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