State Street & Fleet Street | (The View from My Office)

State Street is coming along in the broader Portsmouth picture, having served its time as a seedy location with housing for the town drunks a long time ago in the rowhouses closer to The Common Man, Googie’s, Agave and Dos Amigos, making way for new condominiums, fancier restaurants soon to be complimented by some new period lighting and fancier sidewalks.

My office on the 1st floor at Ocean Bank looks out to this corner at State and Fleet Street, and often I’m fortunate to hear the horns of cars warning those who don’t realize that State Street is still a One Way Street.  Sometimes entertaining, sometimes obnoxious.  On this particular afternoon a ridiculous thunderstorm was making its way across the seacoast, with some sunshine visible on the drive-up to the left along with the rain still moist on the window.

One thought on “State Street & Fleet Street | (The View from My Office)

  1. I enjoy so much your photos… I lived in Portsmouth @ 46 Livermore street and drove the horse and carriages for Ray for 5 years 1993- 1998.
    those were cherished years in Portsmouth. since then, there have been so many changes.
    Too many tall buildings down town. The city lost the sunshine and quaintness of the working port town…. good years at Strawberry banke as well.

    Thankyou for your artistic view of sharing the city.


    Celia McCormack

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