Joseph Sawtelle Pier | Prescott Park

With the rain and the sun come rainbows.  Here, a visit to the Joseph Sawtelle Pier was rewarded with some sunshine and a rainbow along with some much needed rain (my lawn appreciates it).  The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard can be seen in the background with its towering cranes.   Later this week will feature another one of Prescott Park’s piers.

Read a little bit about Seacoast legend Joseph “Joe” Sawtelle HERE, in a piece written by local historian Dennis Robinson.  Sawtelle was a real estate developer and a man of the community.  Unfortunately Joe passed before I arrived here on the Seacoast, I have a feeling I would have enjoyed having the chance to meet him.

6 thoughts on “Joseph Sawtelle Pier | Prescott Park

    1. I didn’t know either! There’s a subtle plaque on the left side of the pier near where the pier meets the land. Next time you’re there take a peek.

      I lucked out with the weather for sure.

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