Prescott Park Fountain By Day | By Night

The fountain in Prescott Park with the spear fisherman is an often overlooked feature in the city’s park by the water (see update below for some history on the fountain’s origin).  The view of the Naval Shipyard across the river along along with the boat traffic and beautiful gardens prove to be excellent distractions.  Today’s post highlights the contrast of the scene in daylight and with its intimate lighting early evening.

UPDATE: Portsmouth resident Pepsie Jabrie shared that:  “When I was a kid this fountain statue was on the corner of State street and Pleasant. The post office was where Sakura restaurant is. It was one of the very few places in Portsmouth that had an elevator. My trips there with my Mother were always fun because we took a ride on that elevator. This fountain was a public drinking fountain at that time.”

Share your stories of Portsmouth too in the comments section!

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