Ceres Street Beautification Project

Work has recently begun on the beautification of the Ceres Street corridor, which will continue to improve the city’s appeal to (residents and) tourists and make it a little less rugged in the alleyway that accesses the decks.  As I’ve written before – Poco’s deck will no longer be in its current spot, however it’s actually going to be moved against the building and is said to feature TWO stories, an upper level and a lower level….stay tuned, should be a cool improvement (though no longer on the water).

The notorious dumpster will be moved, drainage in the area improved, and new walkways will adorn the rowhouses on Ceres Street.  I’ll post progress shots as the project continues through the rest of the year.  While the beloved decks will be changing, it should only continue to enhance the desirability of the destination.  I’ve also heard that there will be a walkway along the exterior of the decks….we’ll soon find out!

The Portsmouth Herald opined on the project on September 28th, which can be read HERE.

3 thoughts on “Ceres Street Beautification Project

  1. I didn’t realize Portsmouth was renovating Ceres Street but I have to say, it’s about time!

    This summer I was down there trying to photograph a ship that had docked at the salt piles but there wasn’t any way to get to the waterfront. It was very discouraging but I did the best I could shooting over and around fences and finally went into a store overlooking the river and shot through their windows.

    1. There’s actually a great little spot to view the salt freighters…next to the oar house deck, there’s the loading dock for the m/v heritage (portsmouth harbor cruise) that gives you a dead-on view of the freighters from their backside….if you find yourself in town while one is docked again you’ll have to check it out!

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