Portsmouth Rooftops & The Missing (Poco's) Deck

Today’s double feature includes some Portsmouth rooftops (& an awful lot of chimneys from the vantage point of the High/Hanover Street Parking Garage) and the case of the missing deck.

If you are like me and don’t (yet) have a membership to the 100 Club, this is the cheaper alternative in terms of views of the city.  It certainly doesn’t compare for overall visibility, but it’s neat to see the city from a new perspective.  Take a walk up to the top floor someday soon before it gets too cold and take a look around.

In more recent news, here’s evidence that the party is officially over at the Poco’s deck as we knew it.  One day it was there:

and the next, it was not.

Read more about the Ceres St. beautification project and have a look at the pre-demolition deck here:  TDP 9/29/2009.  Things are definitely changing on the Portsmouth waterfront, it’s going to be an exciting season next year – see you there in April.

For more of my photography feel free to visit my Flickr uploads at www.flickr.com/photos/philipcase

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