The Wentworth By The Sea | New Castle, NH

The Wentworth By The Sea is one of the seacoast’s true historic gems.  Originally opened for business in 1874, this grand hotel still stands perched atop the oceanside overlooking Portsmouth Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean.  The hotel nearly saw the end of its life in the 1980s and 1990s before a local group undertook a Herculean effort to save and restore the property.  The massive structure, originally designed and constructed to model the elegant ocean liners of its day, remains striking (at least to me) and as a tribute to the history of the region.

Local Seacoast historian J. Dennis Robinson recently wrote a book on the property’s history, which can be purchased locally in downtown Portsmouth at River Run Bookstore or online at Amazon.  Read more about the hotel at

5 thoughts on “The Wentworth By The Sea | New Castle, NH

  1. Very Cool. My father used to work there. He was in the news a coupla years ago because he still had a matchbox from the original WBTS. Your Post process makes this a really exciting picture

  2. Hey Phil,

    You photography is amazing. Hope things are going well for you. Anyway, I am actually getting married at the Wentworth this summer and was wondering how we could acquire this photo.


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