Portsmouth Tugboats & Co. | Moran Towing

This weekend, two special guests arrived on the Portsmouth waterfront, the Lois Ann L. Moran and the Jennifer Turecamo.  Since I missed posting yesterday, thought I’d treat everyone to 4 shots today.

These two tall tugboats joined the Moran Towing fleet of 3 tugs.  The only thing better than everyone’s beloved Portsmouth tugboats are more beloved tugboats. The above shots were taken from the Portsmouth Harbor Cruise deck and just above the Harpoon Willy’s deck …while the night shot below was taken from the upstairs window of The River House.

I just thought the little pumpkin head scarecrow fella was darn cool, so I snapped a few extras of him as well.  Here’s a closer shot below:

2 thoughts on “Portsmouth Tugboats & Co. | Moran Towing

  1. You definitely had better lighting than I did. Wonderful shots.

    Thanks for letting me know about the Tugs. They certainly were impressive! Why were they in town, do you know? And they’re leaving today, is that right?

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