Freighter at Work | Salt Piles

Another Freighter made its way into town to unload more salt onto the “White Mountains of Portsmouth”.  I stopped to watch some of the action as the cranes on the waterfront unloaded some salt into new piles.  The blur of the lights is from the movement of the crane, and you can see a faint remnant of some orange lights from the loader that was moving the salt around on the ground.  I’ll put up a video later today that captured some of the action as it was happening.

4 thoughts on “Freighter at Work | Salt Piles

  1. You should tag these with ‘Stevedore Operations’. That is what this truly falls into. I love living through your photos.

  2. check out tonight; i’m posting photos of the salt dock for greater new york city, located on staten island. the staten island dock is run by atlantic salt, owned by eastern salt of lowell, ma. do you know if eastern also operates the portsmouth dock? by the way, i used to live in rockingham county, and miss it.

    1. I’ll check it out! Sounds like it’s going to be an awesome post….I believe the Portsmouth piles are owned/managed by Granite State Minerals…I know they have other operations as well, but hazy on the details. Thanks for visiting!

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