POST #200 | The Waterfront

Today’s post marks 200 posts and nearly 17,500 visits here at The Daily Portsmouth!!  Many thanks to all those who have visited and those who continue to visit, I truly appreciate everyone’s comments and feedback.  I’m always out looking for fresh material to keep things interesting, and have been enjoying toying around with some night shots lately.  Please feel free to comment if you’ve got suggestions on good spots around town to shoot!

Special thanks go out to my lovely editor and girlfriend Steph for her support and critical & keen eye, and also thanks to my resident advisor (brother) who always answers me when I ask which of the many photos I should post.

Some other recent milestones include crossing the 52,000 view threshold over at, an upcoming gallery at local law firm Wiggin & Nourie at Harbor Place, and hopefully some prints to be featured at 100 Market Street and the Portsmouth Museum of Fine Art in the near future.

3 thoughts on “POST #200 | The Waterfront

  1. Phil,

    Just found you this morning through HDR spotting. And I subscribed to your RSS feed, so I’ll be catching up often.

    Living in NH for over a decade I had many favorite places. The White Mountains, Great North Woods, anywhere I could hike, and Portsmouth. Seeing a few posts on your site….., you’re portraying the area in a great way.

    Congrats, and keep on keeping on. You’ve hooked another new reader.

    1. Rich – thrilled you found the site, and glad you’ll be tuning in for future posts! I checked out your site earlier and it looks like you have some excellent adventures! I’ll be tuning in to your site going forward too, looking forward to it! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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