Bow Street & Memorial Bridge | Portsmouth Under Construction

Out for a walk during lunch a couple weeks back, I happened to catch these fine gentlemen doing some welding repairs on the Memorial Bridge grate – so that it might actually reopen for auto traffic soon. Current target date for reopening is reported for November 25th.  Stay tuned on that front.

Also, unbelievably (and finally), the Martingale Wharf building is once again under construction.  It was time to restore the road back to its previous condition (without the road barriers) – or to get rolling, and judging from the ongoing work at the site, the owners opted for the latter.  With all of the construction going on in town, my car has taken a beating with all of the metal plates laid over the roadway.  Here’s to looking forward to next spring when we’ve got a new park on Ceres Street, more new sidewalks…and some new buildings (including a Pier II reconstruction that should be well underway).  More to follow on Pier II in the near future…

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