Harbour Place & The Theodore Too

Harbor Place got a special visitor today, Theodore Too of the TV show Theodore Tugboat.  The rather adorable tugboat must be a hit with kids, as while I was snapping this shot I heard a very happy camper excited to see it from his parents car as they were driving by.  Stop by to check it out…

Meanwhile, I took a shot of the main entrance to Harbor Place…where you’ll find local firms Wiggin & Nourie as well as the new home of the Portsmouth Museum of Fine Art.  I hope to have another post up soon from my recent visit to the PMFA.

2 thoughts on “Harbour Place & The Theodore Too

  1. After seeing Theodore Too on your website I had really hoped to get to Portsmouth to see it! However time was not on my side. I read in Fosters it will be back on a more official status come May. Hopefully I’ll catch up with it then.

    In the mean time, nice evening shot.

  2. That’s awesome Phil. Sure wish I’d seen it in person. It looks even better when I click on the big huge labs box!

    Wonder what that guy is doing up there?

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