Portsmouth at Night (Lit Up for the Holidays)


Portsmouth is an interesting city by night. Depending where you are in the city, you might have ample street lighting and busy traffic to help make interesting photos – or you might have more subtly lit alleys or storefronts. By request, today’s post features the city’s Christmas tree by night in the heart of Market Square.

Also – in honor of the holidays this season, I’ve decided to provide discounts on prints of my photos (which can be found here: www.philipcasecohen.com).  All photos purchased at the site through December 31st are eligible for a 15% discount (use coupon code “HOLIDAYS09”), with orders over $100 receiving a 20% discount (use coupon code “OVER100”).

Happy Holidays (& shopping), and thanks as always for visiting the site! (please forgive me for the shameless self promotion!)

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