Sunset in Portsmouth | From the Parking Garage Roofdeck

Sometime when you’re out for a walk around Portsmouth, make a point to walk over to the parking garage on High/Hanover Streets and head towards the roof. The view is from a distinctive locale that provides sights you just can’t catch from the street level. The North Church and the rooflines are featured in today’s post, along with the large building that fills the block between High Street and Ladd Street, with the Federal Cigar visible in the foreground below and DeStefano Architects in the foreground above. You can also catch the entrance to Rudi’s, a delicious destination downtown (and the former home to the Metro restaurant). Just outside the frame in the shot below is the Old Stove Bakery…a tasty addition to the Portsmouth dessert scene…they’ll be featured sometime in the near future.

One thought on “Sunset in Portsmouth | From the Parking Garage Roofdeck

  1. Very nice! Yes, I’ve noticed the view from the top of the car garage, unfortunately heights tend to make me queazy. Seems you are capturing the view just fine ; )

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