Save The Date | Friday February 5th

Exciting news! This coming Friday, February 5th – I will be featured as part of the Art ‘Round Town evening gallery walk at the newly opened Portsmouth Art Exchange (220 State Street), which is taking place from 5pm-8pm. This represents the first show that myself or The Daily Portsmouth has had, and I couldn’t be much more excited (especially since it’s the first time I’ve seen my stuff printed/framed in a large format!).

Mark Dearborn, a very talented local graphic designer, reached out to me and we collaborated on putting together some slick save the date cards and some posters to try and increase awareness throughout the area.  Check them out above and below!

I’d love it if you stopped by to say hello so I can thank you for visiting and supporting The Daily Portsmouth! I’ll be signing whatever posters and save the date cards that we have left for those who make the voyage over to Portsmouth Art Exchange.

Below are all of the prints that arrived in time for Friday’s event! This is all you’ll get to see for now, you’ll have to visit the gallery for the full experience… (It was like Christmas in January opening all of the boxes)

A Market Street Evening

Here’s another take on Market Street in the early evening during the fall….this one was taken with the tilt-shift that I rented for a week or so.  That’s what causes part of the image to be in focus while the rest of it has a softened blur…makes for an interesting feel in the scene.

Bridges of the Piscataqua River & The Amy Philbrick

The Amy Philbrick ship sits in the middle of the Piscataqua River during a heavy snowstorm. Visible in the background are two of Portsmouth’s three famous bridges – the Sarah Long Bridge (aka the Middle Bridge) and the Piscataqua River Bridge – as well as a piece of Kittery, Maine. I loved the frozen feeling of the shot accentuated by the red buoy and the color of the ship.

At Market & Bow Street

Standing at the corner of Market Street and Bow Street will almost always result in some light streaks if you’re taking pictures at night – regardless of what day of the week, it’s one of the busiest corners in the city.  I love how it highlights the contours of Bow Street and the curving streets.  You can see Macroscopic, Macro Polo, Bliss, The Dolphin Striker, Poco’s, and the rest of the familiar stops along Bow Street. Still waiting for the perfect shot from this vantage, but this does it for me for the time being.

Memorial Bridge Railing & The Standard Hotel Miami

Today’s post is short and sweet.  Yet another take on Harbor Place from the Memorial Bridge seen above…from the warmer archives of April.  The majestic, yet deteriorating bridge is critical to both the Kittery, ME and the Portsmouth, NH economies and residents of both communities. As sad as it is, the fate of the bridge continues to be unknown as all of the needed funds haven’t yet been set aside for its desperately needed renovations.

Below is a little taste of what I think all of us New Englanders could use in mid-January, a taste of a Miami waterfront resort – poolside.  The shot was taken at The Standard Hotel | Miami (also known as the Lido Spa Hotel), overlooking their gorgeous infinity pool on the oceanfront.  I was lucky enough to spend the weekend in Florida getting some sunshine and remembering what warm weather was like, thanks to a certain special someone.

The Rockingham & A Sunrise over the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

The Rockingham on State Street in a mid-winter scene.  Below, the first rays of the morning sun begin to reach over the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard on the horizon as seen from the Joseph Sawtelle Pier in Prescott Park. Experimenting again with crop sizes.

Sunrise at the Memorial Bridge

Today’s post includes two of my favorite shots of the Memorial Bridge.  The first shot was taken on the morning of many other sunset shots you’ve seen here at The Daily Portsmouth, with a few more to follow in the future. Not happy with the original framing, I took it down to the square crop you see here.  It was easily one of the most beautiful mornings I’ve ever witnessed. I really need to wake up early and do it more often….although it definitely helps when the weather is a bit warmer and more cooperative.

Below is one of the first “self portrait” shots I’ve done around town (I think I picked this signature move up from my dad, who is one of the culprits responsible for getting me into photography).  You wouldn’t guess it, but it’s the road grate of the Memorial Bridge. (Click image for a full size of the grate in all its green & rusty glory)