The Arrival of the Red Freighter (The Harmen Oldendorff)

The Harmen Oldendorff arrived at Portsmouth’s pier the afternoon of January 12th. This massive red barge-like freighter came to unload sand or salt onto Granite State Minerals’ terminal via the cool conveyor-belt like arm of the ship seen in the middle shot above. The beautiful red ship looked pretty striking against the clear blue sky of the day…but by evening it was a different story. Since the freighter apparently had difficulty with docking on the pier, the Moran Towing tugboat can be seen in place mid-ship in the evening shot, ensuring that the ship didn’t stray too far.

It was also pretty neat since it was docked in the reverse position that we’re used to seeing freighters, with the front of the ship facing the buildings that line the Bow Street waterfront.