Scenes from Portsmouth | A Retrospective

I wanted to share with everyone a taste of the video footage that I’ve shot over the previous year during my voyages around town (be sure to view fullscreen in HD).  This is all footage shot with my Canon 5d Mark II camera, which I’ve had for just under a year, and is capable of HD video…but unfortunately I’m still learning and don’t really know what I’m doing beyond the still shots. I had fun compiling the footage, which has been set to Vampire Weekend’s song “Run” from their new album Contra.  Please drop a note and let me know your thoughts!

Today’s shots are a pair of sunrises from my stairwell in Atlantic Heights – the first shot (above) with an intense red glow and another more subtle, yet beautiful morning. I-95 can be seen in the distance.

Here’s a third shot from after the snow storm on January 18th once the sun made an appearance and the snow was still sticking to the trees.

7 thoughts on “Scenes from Portsmouth | A Retrospective

  1. Nice, Phil!

    Reflects your photo interests very well, the feeling of your stills are in there.

    Looking at your blog the past few months got me asking “how does he get those AMAZING shots?” I’ll never get a camera like yours, I run around with a little PowerShot (can I get a Cannon high-five!). But the HDR you get in your stuff is perfect (be it in camera or post processing).

    Nice job!

    1. Thanks Mike! Was a fun pet project to work on this weekend. I appreciate the kind words on the HDR, sometimes I like it sometimes I don’t, I’ve learned a lot in the past year.

      I’ll bet you could do some cool stuff with the PowerShot! (Canon high five indeed!)

      Also wanted to share some good news with you, I got a few shots of the cemetery you’re looking for! Haven’t had a chance to edit yet, but will email you as soon as I do.

  2. I am a big fan of photographs of the same subject matter at different times of day or just on different days at the same time.

    The fiery sunrise (second from the bottom) is quite an intensely colored image for so early in the morning.

    1. Thanks for the comment Jason! The red sunrise was eerie, it was more intense…I wear glasses and couldn’t see the detail at first, but was shocked at the red glow inside my house for that time of day…usually it’s just bright and “pretty”. This was pretty intense, even though I don’t love the shot…it’s been fun doing certain spots at different times/different conditions.

    1. Thanks Dolores! Turns out I’m most drawn to things that actually move/work when I’m out shooting, results in trying to capture the motion…I don’t have too much footage of other more static scenes. Keep me posted on Tulips so we can get the word out! Think we’ll be in good shape for a poster too

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