Portsmouth Harbor Light In the Snow

With the arrival of the snowstorm this weekend, I had the unique opportunity to go adventuring around the seacoast (since the storm kept me from traveling)…and though it wasn’t really all that adventurous, I did have to sort of sneak around Fort Constitution to try and get some better shots of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse in the snow, as it’s a scene I’ve wanted to capture. (They don’t let you over near the actual lighthouse during the offseason, which I didn’t know until I arrived, so I tried to climb whatever I could or sneak through the little holes in the wall to get a better glimpse.)

I’ll have a few more of the lighthouse in the gallery in the coming days, and more shots from the rest of the day around New Castle and downtown. Snapped more construction shots too of the Residence Inn, which is now adorned with brick, and also some of the former Portsmouth Herald building – as always, stay tuned for more. (And don’t forget to click the images for larger views!)