Sunrise at the Memorial Bridge

Today’s post includes two of my favorite shots of the Memorial Bridge.  The first shot was taken on the morning of many other sunset shots you’ve seen here at The Daily Portsmouth, with a few more to follow in the future. Not happy with the original framing, I took it down to the square crop you see here.  It was easily one of the most beautiful mornings I’ve ever witnessed. I really need to wake up early and do it more often….although it definitely helps when the weather is a bit warmer and more cooperative.

Below is one of the first “self portrait” shots I’ve done around town (I think I picked this signature move up from my dad, who is one of the culprits responsible for getting me into photography).  You wouldn’t guess it, but it’s the road grate of the Memorial Bridge. (Click image for a full size of the grate in all its green & rusty glory)