The Portsmouth Athenaeum

There is a unique exhibit at The Portsmouth Athenaeum, the beautiful and historic downtown building, Treasures of the American Independence Museum.  The North Church can be seen in the reflection on the 2nd story window. Don’t recognize the building? Head over to a previous post HERE, which shows the building head-on.

I’d never been to the Athenaeum and have wanted to stop in for quite a while, so after getting my morning coffee and seeing the sign out on the sidewalk I decided to go stroll upstairs.  The exhibit is on the top floor with some rustic exposed beams on the ceiling, adjacent to the research room (basically a library). There is a portrait of George Washington, a copy of the Declaration of Independence, some old rifles and a few other portraits and documents. If you like history – head over to check it out.

One thought on “The Portsmouth Athenaeum

  1. The American Independence Museum is in Exeter, and my next Historical Marker post is on the “Ladd-Gilman House”, which is part of it.

    Very timely for me Phil, thanks!

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