South End Rooftops & Sheafe Warehouse

More shots from the South End at sunset. I love the way the light is grazing rooftops and the newly renovated steeple of the South Ward Meetinghouse aka The Children’s Museum.  As I’ve mentioned before, the Sheafe Warehouse is one of those really old structures that I’ve always loved, and that I picture located in town a couple hundred years ago when it was still a young structure.  Nothing too exciting about these shots, just beautiful old architecture and some nice afternoon light.

3 thoughts on “South End Rooftops & Sheafe Warehouse

  1. Phil,Simply awesome.The light is amazing and you KNOW i love any picture with the bell tower in it!Keep up the good work! Looking at your photos is always the best part of my day! 🙂

  2. Hi Rick- your site was referred for the photography and I will agree, your work is beautiful. Sitting here in Phoenix I can almost smell the water. A few of us were daydreaming about sitting on the wharf with fishing poles. I’ll be back.

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