Memorial Bridge Abutment

Today’s post features another shot from the archives from last spring…the setting sun illuminates one of the abutments on the Memorial Bridge.  The seacoast got some bad news recently when it was notified that the Memorial Bridge project did not receive the $70 million in federal funding that it needed to proceed with a full repair of the bridge as needed.  Now the historic structure’s fate hangs in the balance as a study is underway to determine the cost to repair the Memorial as well as the Sarah Long Bridge (Middle Bridge), and the most appropriate outcome given how integral the bridge is to the communities of Kittery, ME and Portsmouth, NH.  I certainly hope it will continue to live what has been a long life.

Think Spring | Prescott Park

After the weather of the last few days, let’s stop and reflect on the fact that April is only 32 days away.  The decks will soon be open, and the trees will be back in bloom with blue skies and the return of the green vines.  Above, the power lines hang above Ceres Bakery on Penhallow Street and the chimneys of Sheafe Street.  Below, a shot of a tree in bloom at Prescott Park…a re-post of one of my favorites from warmer days.  Hope everyone is doing well through this weekend and has their power back or has found a way to stay warm.