Portsmouth Tugboats | The Moran Towing Fleet

Only once in a blue moon are there FIVE (yes, count them – five) of the Moran Towing tugboats docked in Portsmouth Harbor. I’m told from one of my seafaring friends that the taller tugs are to help navigate larger vessels in adverse conditions…the Jennifer Turecamo (a 4,300 HP vessel – second from the left) and the Lois Ann L. Moran (a 5,100 HP vessel – farthest left) both qualify as bigger than your average tug. Visit the previous post with more shots of the tugboats five-deep HERE.

This shot was taken earlier this fall on October 24th…and the massive guest tugs weren’t in town any longer than a couple days… I’m hoping we have more guest tugs visiting in warmer months this spring/summer.

Many thanks to Hugh Ware of the Tugboat Enthusiasts Society for this excellent summary of the guest tugs: “The JENNIFER TURECAMO and LOIS MORAN are coastwise movers of tank barges and their barges are probably unloading elsewhere on the Piscataqua. Note the elevated wheelhouses that enable a helmsman to see over an empty barge. The JENNIFER pushes in a notch in her barge’s stern or on on the end of a long wire hawser when conditions worsen. The LOIS is pinned to her barge so she can pitch and but cannot move in any other axes. The combination of a connected tug and barge makes them into what is called an Articulated Tug/Barge.”