Construction Continues at Pier II

Construction continues at the site of the former Pier II restaurant at the end of State Street between the Memorial Bridge and Prescott Park.  It looks like the majority of the pilings are in place on the pier, with the foundation being laid for the building being constructed that will house some new residential condos.  The crane below sits quiet on a Friday afternoon before the rain arrived for the weekend.

Below are some older shots taken during the demolition of the original Pier II Restaurant.  CLICK HERE for a gallery of shots taken during the demo.

4 thoughts on “Construction Continues at Pier II

  1. New construction in Portsmouth can always be exciting. But with the weather today I can’t imagine it’s fun taking photos outdoors. Which brings me to the point of my post…I saw they are filming inside Jumpin Jays. Out of curiosity I wonder what they’re filming and if you’d be allowed inside.

    1. Good question on the Jumpin Jays filming – I hadn’t heard anything but I’m sure they’re filming something….I would love to swing by but I’m in RI…and I doubt they’d let me or the public in if the restaurant is technically closed during the afternoon. Give it a shot!

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