Nubble Lighthouse Video

Here’s a little video I put together from the shoot we did on Friday at Nubble Lighthouse on Cape Neddick in Maine.  Playing around with my 5d Mark II’s new firmware, now shooting 24 frames per second (supposed to help make it more film-like).  Now I need some new lenses to sharpen the scenes.  This film also commemorates the last day of winter!  Keep an eye out for some seagulls doing their thing.

2 thoughts on “Nubble Lighthouse Video

  1. Very nice quality Phil. Looked great in 1080p full screen, even with some of the detail you lose when uploading to YouTube FLV. I’ll bet the original is much better.

    Be well

    1. Thank you Mike – much appreciated! I had fun playing around with my video capabilities, learned something with this shoot….despite YT being a bit poor on quality presentation, I had fun and am pleased with the results…soundtrack needs some work though 🙂

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