A Congress Street Evening | Market Square

Here’s a view of Market Square and Congress Street from in front of the “Popovers Building” and next to the North Church.  The new building at 6-16 Congress Street was built in the middle of the last decade, opening sometime around 2006/2007.  The building’s varied brick exterior certainly blends in with its surroundings, and has been a vibrant addition to the business offerings of Congress Street, including River Run Bookstore, Popovers on the Square, Olde Port Properties, Life is Good..etc. etc.  (As well as some residential condos).

I’ll feature more of the building itself in the future…but for today I wanted to share the brooding sky and the steeple with Breaking New Grounds looming in the distance.  I must admit though, I miss Eagle Photo being located in the very spot where Popovers sits…it would be so convenient to buy photo gear…oh well, at least the tables and chairs will soon be out and occupied in the warmer weather!

Be sure to click on the image to see this one in a larger size.

3 thoughts on “A Congress Street Evening | Market Square

  1. Beautiful Phil, really well done. Is this multiple images or a single HDR? Sometimes getting cars and people in multiples is harder, but Photomatix kind of makes it more simple I think.

    Well done!

    1. Thanks Mike!! The sky was well suited for the shot…this is multiple images (3) process in photomatix, but I then masked in my favorite cars from the +2 exposure in PS and took care of a lot of the motion in the cars/lights. Definitely one of the busiest streets in town, and one of the most photographed with the steeple….appreciate the feedback!

  2. Beautiful image, great vision. I’m new to the Portsmouth area, starting a new job (not photography related) this past December. I look forward to shooting up there during lunch and after work. Maybe we can meet at my new favorite place, Breaking New Grounds.

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