The Wentworth-Gardner House

As we all know, Portsmouth is one of the most charming and historic towns in New England.  Being one of the oldest settlements in the country, there are many structures remaining from earlier eras.  We are lucky to have some so well preserved, that when you walk in you can just feel the history in the place.  I’m sure that there are many places in Portsmouth that, and I’m happy to report that I’ve been to a few including Strawbery Banke, the Portsmouth Athenaeum (had an AWESOME visit to the reading room), with my latest visit being last week to the Wentworth-Gardner House.  I’m working with some great folks over there to get some images they can use for their website.

The house was built in 1760 and sits across Mechanic Street from the back channel of the Piscataqua River.  The Wentworth-Gardner opens for tours on June 12th, and tours are available Wednesday through Sunday from 12-4pm.  They also do a very cool art show dubbed “Inspired Creations” where they invite artists into the home to create an original piece of artwork that complements the home, which runs every year.  I’ll have more shots up in the future that highlight more rooms, including a very cool mural and some original fireplaces.  I loved the little model house that sits on the table in the middle of the room in the shot below.

Head over to their website for some history, but for starters:  “Built in 1760, the Wentworth-Gardner house is a fine example of the American Georgian style. The house was built by the Wentworth family for their son Thomas as a wedding gift. The powerful Wentworth clan was the largest colonial power in New Hampshire and the family’s power is demonstrated in the heavy carving and exquisite detail of the formal parlor, parlor chamber and traditional hallway the entire length of the house.”