Seacoast 20/20 | A Great Success

Today I want to thank the great folks at The Music Hall for conceiving such a great idea to put 20 images from 20 incredibly talented local photographers up on screen in the beautiful new lobby space.  I was honored to be part of the group, and more importantly – I was psyched to finally get to meet some of the other cool folks who are out and about capturing scenes from the Seacoast.  I hope everyone had as great a time as I did, it was awesome to see so many people take advantage of the opportunity to see the newly renovated lobby – and to enjoy some of the local arts culture.

Have a great weekend – and some shots below from the event!  A special thanks is due to Chris Greiner for coordinating all of the photos and ensuring that things went smoothly.  A job well done.

Scene @ Five: Seacoast 20/20

Scene @ Five: Seacoast 20/20

Scene @ Five: Seacoast 20/20

Scene @ Five: Seacoast 20/20

Scene @ Five: Seacoast 20/20

Scene @ Five: Seacoast 20/20

Scene @ Five: Seacoast 20/20

The Music Hall | Scene @ Five: Seacoast 20/20

Just another reminder to come out to The Music Hall’s Scene @ Five: Seacoast 20/20 tonight at 5pm!

More info can be found at another post HERE.  If you make it over, please be sure to say hi, hope to see you there.

Portsmouth in Bloom | Market Square & The Wentworth

As spring proves to us that it’s still only April, with some rain/hail/snow this week – I thought I’d share a shot of the gorgeous flowers planted in Market Square and at the Wentworth By The Sea.  Each shot was taken in very different circumstances, with the shot above taken in Wednesday evening’s rain – and the shot below taken during a subtle sunset last week.  Landscaping is back in style!  Time to get to work on my yard…

Construction in the City | The River House & The Martingale Wharf

The River House is getting a facelift out back, with a new elevated deck being constructed on the 2nd story of the building (even with street level of Bow Street).  Also, the Martingale Wharf reconstruction continues as the steel is being erected in the place of the former original brick building (seen below).

Prescott Park In Bloom

Tonight was an overcast evening at Prescott Park, but I hadn’t been over for a walk in some time, so I decided it was time for a quick visit.  I absolutely love the trees that line the parking lot, particularly right around this week each year – so today’s post features this year’s trees in bloom….and also a take on the Joseph Sawtelle Pier.  One of the most photographed spots in the city, I’m sure – although most often I think it includes a shot of the Memorial Bridge.

Sunset on Congress Street

Here’s yet another take on Congress Street…I hadn’t walked past the Fleet Street block in a long time, and found myself across the street from Bull Moose Music and in front of 75 Congress Street (previously featured here)…and was again taken by the way the sunlight was just grazing the buildings.

The wide-angle Canon 14mm lens that I’m currently renting really opened up the street scene in a new way.  Stay tuned this week for more exciting news – and more reminders to come to The Music Hall on Thursday night to say hello at Scene @ Five: 20/20

Nahcotta Gallery | Congress Street

Nahcotta is one of Portsmouth’s art galleries and one of the stops on the Art ‘Round Town gallery tour that happens each month, and is located on the lower end of Congress Street, near the Friendly Toast and Jumpin’ Jay’s.  It’s definitely one of my favorites, and they feature the Enormous Tiny Art Show (which I didn’t get to check out this year, but plan to make next year’s version) – which sounds very cool, and features pieces of artwork no larger than 10″x10″.  Looming above the Nahcotta building is The Music Hall’s building (I used to always wonder what the building was while I ate at the Friendly Toast until I finally made a show at The Music Hall, and realized how massive the building was – go check it out!).

On either side of the gallery is our local running store, Runner’s Alley, which is also a great spot if you’re a runner of any level…and the good people of the shop seem to sponsor anything road race related.  I was happy to catch this scene early Friday evening as the sun was setting, the buildings were all illuminated beautifully – and the textures of the various buildings and the road came together nicely.