The Music Hall | Scene @ Five: 20/20

I’m thrilled to be included as one of 20 local photographers in the upcoming event at The Music Hall, Scene @ Five: 20/20.  The Music Hall reached out to 20 local photographers to put together the event that will be held on Thursday April 29th, and I’m honored to be a part of the group.

Per their website: “In a one-night-only show 20/20 brings into focus the thriving art of photography here in the Seacoast. For this extra-special event, we’ve assembled twenty of the best photographers in the region and asked them to select twenty of their favorite Seacoast-centric images to show on six big screens in The Music Hall lounge. The result – a massive digital slide show, and probably the largest photography exhibition Portsmouth has ever seen. Featuring work by Rich Beauchesne, Emily Brackett, Abbie Chislett, Phil Cohen, Deb Cram, Alexandra de Steiguer, Jennifer Goolkasian, Nancy Horton, Nick Lavecchia, Erin Molloy, Ralph Morang, David Murray, Michael Penney, Jay Reiter, Bill Truslow, Jamie Wade, Greg West, Michael Winters, and Marianne Pernold Young.”

I look forward to meeting some of these talented folks, and hope to meet you there!

9 thoughts on “The Music Hall | Scene @ Five: 20/20

  1. are you kidding me? are you kiddinggggg me? i dont mind old people thinking your photos are cute but…the best in portsmouth? are you kidding me? ugh. makes me sad to be from here.

    1. Hahaha, hi Prickly, thanks for taking the time to visit my site, share your condescending tone and assert the inferiority of my photos.

      I have no problem with the fact that you clearly don’t care for what I do, plenty of other folks (young and old) have shown great support, from both inside and outside of the photography community. Hope to see you at the event.

  2. Congratulations on this great honor! Your website is the first one that I go to each morning to see your vision of our beautiful coastal town. Hope I can make it to the show.

  3. feedback eh? I really enjoy your photos. I have lived in Portsmouth my whole life and am happy to know there are people out there capturing and sharing this city.

    congratulations on being selected for 20/20!

    regarding the site, it is a bit busy. Too much scrolling on the home page, in my opinion. Also, the buy prints and online gallery links should be more prominent (maybe at the top??) Everything seems to be working though!

  4. Congrats my friend…what an honor! And ignore “prickly”…he didn’t post a link back to his site, so he’s probably a jealous photographer wishing he could get some success like you are. The Music Hall obviously knows talent, so good for them finding you and adding you to the slideshow. Should be so much fun!

    I like the site…but it MAY be a bit busy? I dunno…lots of categories on the side…I only have four categories (HDR, Weather, People, Random) and then tag everything.

    People coming here want to see photos…and maybe your blog as well, I see a lot of photo sites with the photos showcased right away, then people can go find the blog if they want to. I dunno.

    Just my two cents, I’ve never had a problem with this site!

  5. Hey Phil,
    Great job on the site it makes it easy for me to go back and review photo’s that have been posted. This is not nearly as busy as some others sites I visit so keep up the good work and congrats on being selected to the 20/20 group!

    prickly you must like the site you obviously have visited before this. There must be some photo’s you like or perhaps you are looking for ideas on where to go to take pictures.

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