Sunlight on the Red Doors

As I was walking around an afternoon last weekend, the sun decided to peek through the clouds before setting for the day.  I happened to be walking up Chapel Street at the time and caught the sun glinting off this set of red doors (but not the red door) that belong to Saint John’s Church at the top of the hill, and thought it was beautiful especially with all that glowing red brick.

It’s bell tower is another one of the cool features of Portsmouth’s skyline.

5 thoughts on “Sunlight on the Red Doors

    1. Thank you Bob!! I love your photos as well, thanks for visiting the site and for taking the time to comment – I look forward to your daily shots as well!

    1. Haha, sorry Mike I didn’t mean not to respond!! Thanks as always for the great feedback….it’s an awesome old building…not quite sure how old, but I appreciate the great feedback, especially from such a keen eye! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend

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