The Ale House Inn

The Ale House Inn is a 10-room inn located on Bow Street downtown.  I’ve shared a few cool shots of the place in the past, and plan to post more in the future.  I love the feel of the place, very cozy and respectful of the building’s history as a grain storage warehouse for a brewery, yet modern and sleek with great furniture and amenities…and the lobby is just awesome.  The brick walls are welcoming and so is the long hallway…all in all, very New England and well worth a visit.

6 thoughts on “The Ale House Inn

    1. Thanks Mike! I’m sure (and I hope) they’re enjoying the shots…great folks over there. That’s too funny about your in-laws! Never would have guessed it, next time you visit you’ll have to post a shot!

  1. This place looks fantastic. I’m actually thinking about spending a night there at some point this summer.

    1. Thanks Maren!! I appreciate all the comments – hope you enjoy the visit if you make it’s such a great location for an evening in Portsmouth.

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