At Fleet & Congress Streets

In this early evening shot, a pair of motorcycles approach the intersection of Fleet Street and Congress Street.  I like the softness of the clouds above against the grit of the pavement in the foreground.  Here’s a view of Market Square that you don’t see quite as often. I think it’s cool to see the lines of the architecture of the brick buildings as they lead you up towards the square.

8 thoughts on “At Fleet & Congress Streets

  1. Great shot, Phil. Love the mood that you captured at blue hour. That blanket of clouds compliments the shot perfectly. Gotta get that Portsmouth shoot on the calendar stat.

    1. Thanks Brian! Usually I’m more excited about the time before blue hour…this time my schedule forced a blue hour shoot. The clouds were pretty cool, I think I just missed some intense pink lighting on them by a few minutes….maybe next time.

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