Sunset Over the Tugboats

Today’s post features the Portsmouth waterfront once again, this time from the other side of the Moran Towing tugboats.  The sun had only a few minutes left before it was completely gone for the day.  The scene was pretty subtly lit and gorgeous…and it’s times like that when I never know whether the brackets (multiple exposures) that I capture will produce a shot worthy of posting or not.  I was pleased to find out that this combination of three shots happened to add some HDR magic to the scene, with a gigantic glowing orange orb…accentuating the setting sun and subtly lighting the tugs. I hope you enjoy…tomorrow I’ll be featuring more architecture.

This shot was taken from the deck of The River House, which continues to enjoy a great vantage point on the waterfront…and boy am I glad that spring is here, though I am pretty sure I would enjoy a few extra degrees of warmth.