The Ale House Inn (Now with iPads)

I had the opportunity to work with the great folks over at The Ale House Inn recently on putting some shots together for their 10-room boutique inn.  In addition to being very cool guys, they also happen to run a hip New England boutique inn.  (Be sure to head over to the website to check out the rest of my shots & let them know if you like how they came out!)

If you’ve never been, it’s worth a visit…cool & comfy furniture, clean rooms, recently renovated bathrooms…and now – iPads!  Each of the Deluxe rooms now comes equipped with one of the new gadgets, which you can surf on with the inn’s complimentary wi-fi.  I’m definitely looking forward to my next stay – I would recommend it if you have family/friends coming in to town – the building is centrally located on Bow Street within easy walking distance to Prescott Park, The Decks, Market Street, etc….and a nice walking distance to work off that dessert from Annabelle’s or Popovers.  The Inn is actually in the 3rd floor of the building that also houses the Seacoast Rep…which I’d previously featured here.

Ale House Inn (Bathroom)

Here’s some history on the building from the website: “The Portsmouth Brewing Company was first established in 1871 as the Harris & Mathes Company. By 1873, the brewery was operated by Arthur harris, and by 1876, it was renamed for the final time as the Portsmouth Brewing Company. The building which houses the Ale House Inn was used as a warehouse for the brewery. Thousands of kegs once rested here as they underwent fermentation. You will notice the foot thick brick walls that were built to keep the beer at the same temperature 365 days a year. While little is known about this brewery, and despite being dwarfed in publicity by its two larger rivals (The Frank Jones & Eldredge Breweries) it still managed to brew a fine product. Small, but feisty, the company advertised a wide variety of products including “India, Pale, Stock and Cream Ales, Hop Beer and Old Brown Stout” plus the uniquely named Portsburger Lager. Like many breweries, the company ceased operations in 1917 with the ratification of Prohibition.”

Ale House Inn (King Room)

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