The Oar House | Ceres Street

Today – another one of my favorite spots on Ceres Street, The Oar House.  The Oar House has an awesome outdoor sign, an incredibly well located deck for the warmer months, and one of the most inviting and cozy interiors of any place in Portsmouth.  I don’t get there for dinner too often, but the few times I’ve been to enjoy a glass of wine in the downstairs bar, I was lucky enough to hear Don Fancy on the piano.  The exposed wooden beams on the ceiling throughout the interior add to the building’s charm.

My favorite part of this shot must be the downspout off to the right – I just loved how the copper is worn and discolored with all that character.  The sidewalk in this shot is new, as the City invested some serious dollars this past spring to spruce up the Ceres Street infrastructure along with the new park at The Decks.