Residence Inn | Portwalk Place

The Residence Inn at Portwalk Place is officially open for business.  Word went out today in the Portsmouth Herald – and I happened to drive by this morning due to my usual route being unavailable thanks to some ongoing infrastructure work and sidewalk improvements on Market Street, so I snapped a couple shots.

The building doesn’t boast the most earth shattering architectural features, but to me it marks an improvement over the languishing Parade Mall project (and it doesn’t stop me from trying to make it look interesting), and I’m always a sucker for new construction.  I think once the entire project is complete with the future office/retail component, it will continue to bring a new feel to the North End.  Change is constant downtown, and I’m happy to see another construction project buttoned up for the time being.  Soon the lifts should be gone and hopefully the surface parking next door will be open for business.

2 thoughts on “Residence Inn | Portwalk Place

  1. What I like though, is that it doesn’t try to be architecturally stunning. It just takes its bricks and granite and blends in, in a way that Parade Mall never did. There’s something to be said for respecting your surroundings and making yourself fit in. Nice photo!

  2. Stacey – I’ve got to agree with you here – we can only push the envelope so much, and I appreciate how this didn’t try quite as hard to look like it was 200 years old. Thanks!

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