The Hancock

Today I’m featuring an iconic Boston landmark – The John Hancock Tower located in Boston’s Back Bay.  There’s a special reason for Boston’s guest appearance…tonight (yesterday if you’re reading this) I was in the city for a work function at the Mandarin Oriental hotel, a finely appointed new hotel offering located next to the Prudential Center.  I had a great time with some folks from work and met some great new people, and enjoyed some fresh sushi.

Unfortunately, the night took a turn for the worse when it was time to pick the car up from the valet.  As I handed my ticket, I heard a few words you never want to hear as someone who checked your car with a valet, that went something like this: “Sir, I would like to speak with you. Please follow me.” How ominous does that sound?  Long story short, it wasn’t the worst thing in the world – no accident or anything, but my car wouldn’t start.  The folks at the hotel and the valet company were very helpful and apologetic…After a ride to the airport and getting a rental car, I arrived home in Portsmouth close to midnight so editing a Portsmouth shot was out of the question…and even though I have some in the queue, it just seemed more appropriate to feature The Hancock today.  Hope you like it.